KeyArtsTM Music Studio    LAKE JACKSON
If you are needing a piano, we have a huge stock of restored Yamaha and restored Kawai verticals and grand
pianos.  We also have used standard grade pianos for beginners.  Visit our website at  
Browse the pages and call for information.  

The most popular pianos for students are the professional uprights from 48" to 52" in height.
These are the U1, U3, US50, UX3, US55, US60, US65, US8X, US6X, BL31, BL12, and many more.  Prices start
approximately $4000

Grand pianos are always available at the best prices:   C2, C3, C5, C7.    KG2, KG3, KG7, RX 2 and 3.  Plus
many more factory restored in Japan with warranty.

We ship pianos throughout the U.S.A. and Houston.  We maintain a small warehouse as a depot for arriving
pianos for customers in Houston.  We also keep several good quality used pianos for beginning student.

To gain information please visit the following links:


Restored YAMAHA Pianos & Restored KAWAI Pianos

Tel: 979-292-8268