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What age should young students start piano lessons?  When a student can sit with an attention span of
required.  See Piano Lessons
  • What about adult students?  Adult students usually have a reason to move to piano lessons for one of
    several reasons, either for a refresher course, learning to play better, or those that have background in piano
    and wish to learn more with an instructor that will guide or empower him or her to achieve more.
  • What kind of piano should I have? Many people start with a keyboard.  This is an inexpensive way to
    introduce you or your child to a piano, but it is not the best long-term instrument.  I recommend an acoustic
    piano for the best musical growth and development.  If you prefer a digital piano, make sure it has 88 keys,
    and that they're weighted.  Most students will want an acoustic piano within 3-5 years...especially if the student
    is talented and ambitious.  I have a very good digital which is an excellent practice piano. Also we have new
    and restored pianos, Yamaha and Kawai plus more, and we can check a piano for you that you are wanting to
    buy.  See more.
  • Why are private lessons important? Private lessons allow the best interaction between student and
    teacher.  I can tailor my choice of instructional materials to the needs of each student regardless of age.
  • How much does my child have to practice? The quality of practice time is much more important than the
    quantity. 10 minutes of productive practice is better than 30 minutes of unproductive practice. Students will
    work with me to learn how to practice and what they should be doing at home. Younger children often need
    parental supervision to ensure they are practicing correctly. In general, students should practice at least five
    days per week. This will give you a general outline of approximate practice commitment:

                              Level 1: minimum of 30 minutes/day.   Level 2-3: minimum of 60 minutes/day.    
                        Level 4-5 minimum of 90 minutes/day,    Advanced students minimum of 3 hours daily.
                                                      Weekends also! if you can....the good ones do!